Breastfeeding Help That Offers You More

Baby Café Bakersfield

More breastfeeding help, more evidence-informed education, more encouragement to help you meet your own infant feeding goals – that’s what we do at Baby Café Bakersfield! Many parents have told us that if it weren’t for the care they received at Baby Café, they would have stopped breastfeeding.

When a parent wants to breastfeed their child or feed them breastmilk from a bottle or other feeding method, they need real help right away.  At Baby Café, parents can find both professional assistance and education as well as peers who are also feeding their babies in a variety of ways.  This combination of real-world experience and professional lactation care helps parents navigate the sometimes-challenging journey of breastfeeding and expressing milk for their children.

We hold open, drop-in sessions where parents can come in and receive this kind of compassionate and practical care at no cost.  If you or someone you know is not currently receiving the breastfeeding care, information, or encouragement they need, please let them know about Baby Café Bakersfield!